Train accidents


  1. disastroussssssssssss

  2. that is crazy, i hope everyone was okay

  3. Pic 1: An EMU running over an end-buffer

    Pic 2: World War II bombing of a railway station

    Pic 3: re-enactment of pic 5 accident

    Pic 4: ???

    Pic 5:
    France, Paris, Gare Montparnasse 22 October 1895. The express 56 of the Chemins de Fer de l'Ouest could not brake due to failure of the engineer’s brake valve and was therefore ploughing 30 meters thru the concourse before falling on the street. 1 news paper stall owner on the street killed, 5 persons badly hurt. It took 4 days to remove the locomotive from this position.

    Pic 6:
    A wagon splitting a switch

    Pic 7: Germany, Lippstadt 25 July 2007. Head-on collision of two fright trains near Lippstadt. The shown locomotive is Ruhr-Lippe Eisenbahn #52.

    Pic. 8: Canadian National fright train hitting a land slide.

    Pic 9: Two Russian ChS4 fighting each other. These passenger locomotives have been built in the seventies by Skoda Czechia and delivered to the Russians – nearly 500 peaces.

    Pic 10: seems also to be from Russia

  4. Nice, Peter, to see citations :-)