Bizarre police car crashes

Police cars crashed in traffic accidents.

Nice parking :)

Crazy accident in Buffalo

Stupid cops in Jordan

Back to the academy :)

This are best cops crashes pics I found on net.

Crazy accident recorded by traffic cam

"Fountain" in the middle of the road caused crazy accident... All recorded by traffic cam.

Top 20 amazing natural disasters photos

Look at these 20 amazing natural disasters photos! Mother nature is really powerful force.

Dump truck driver suspended in air

A dump truck was suspended in an upright position with its cab up in the air. It has caused a traffic nightmare on I-84 Westbound at exit 64 in Manchester.

State police say the driver of the truck was doing some road work and never lowered the bed part of the truck. When he went driving down I-84 with its bed in the upright position, it hit the highway sign and got snagged. The front part of the truck was up in a 45 degree angle.

State police tell driver was pulled from the truck’s cab by rescue crews at about 11:30 am using a ladder truck. State police say the driver was taken to Hartford Hospital - he's in good condition.

World's worst football (soccer) stadium tragedies

Some of the world's worst football stadium tragedies, followed by recent disasters in Africa:

1902 - Ibrox Park, Glasgow: 25 are killed and 517 injured when the West Stand collapses during an international between England and Scotland. The game ends in a 1-1 draw but is later erased from official records.

1946 - Burnden Park, Bolton: 33 die and 500 are injured when a wall collapses during a cup tie between Bolton and Stoke.

1955 - Santiago, Chile: Six people died when 70,000 tried to jam into the stadium for the finals of the South American soccer tournament. Argentina beat Chile 1-0.

May 24, 1964 - Lima, Peru: 318 people are killed and another 500 injured in riots at National Stadium.

June 23, 1968 - Buenos Aires, Argentina: 74 people are killed and more than 150 injured when fans try to leave stadium by closed exit and are crushed by other fans.

Jan. 2, 1971 - Glasgow, Scotland: 66 people are killed and 140 are injured when barriers in Ibrox Stadium collapse near the end of a match.

Oct. 20, 1982 - Moscow: 340 are reportedly killed at a European Cup match after fans try to re-enter the stadium, crushing one another.

May 11, 1985 - Bradford, England: 56 people die when a cigarette stub ignites a stadium's wooden terrace section and fire engulfs the structure.

May 29, 1985 - Brussels: 39 fans killed before European Cup final when Liverpool fans breach segregation and charge their Juventus counterparts, who are crushed against a wall that then collapses. English clubs serve a five-year ban from European competition.

March 12, 1988 - Katmandu, Nepal: At least 93 people are killed and more than 100 injured when fans fleeing a hailstorm stampede into locked stadium exits.

April 15, 1989 - Sheffield, England: 95 people are crushed to death when police open gates to alleviate crowding, resulting rush of people onto the already filled terrace. The disaster leads to the dismantling of the fences and the introduction of all-seated grounds in English topflight football.

Oct. 16, 1996 - Guatemala City: 84 people died and about 150 others were injured during a stampede at a stadium before a World Cup qualifying match.

Disasters in Africa

June 16, 1996 - Lusaka, Zambia: Nine soccer fans were crushed to death and 78 others injured during a stampede.

April 6, 1997 - Lagos, Nigeria: five fans were crushed to death and more than a dozen injured when crowd heads for exits to find most of them locked.

April 23, 2000 - Monrovia, Liberia: Three people suffocated to death and others were injured as thousands of fans forced their way into an overcrowded stadium.

July 9, 2000 - Harare, Zimbabwe:
13 fans died after police fired tear gas into a crowd estimated at 50,000 to quell growing unruliness.

April 11, 2001 - Johannesburg, South Africa: 43 people were killed and 155 injured as fans try to push into an overcrowded stadium.

April 29, 2001 - Lubumbashi, Congo:
seven people are crushed to death in a stampede after police fired tear gas into unruly crowd.

May 9, 2001 - Accra, Ghana:
at least 123 people died in a stampede after police fired tear gas into the stands in response to fans who threw bottles and chairs on the field. The worst stadium disaster in Africa.

Oct. 11, 2004 - Lome, Togo: four people are killed and another eight injured during a stampede at the end of a World Cup qualifier between Togo and Mali. A power outage shut down the lights and prompted panicking fans to run for the exits.

June 3, 2007 - Lusaka, Zambia: 12 fans are crushed to death as a crowd rushes from the stadium after Zambia's victory in an African Cup qualifier against Republic of Congo.

March 29, 2009 - Abidjan, Ivory Coast:
thousands of fans pushing to get into a game between Ivory Coast and Malawi set off a stampede that killed 19 people and injured more than 100.

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