Train crashes into bus and cars stuck on level crossing

DHAKA (Bangladesh) - Eight people were injured when an express train rammed two cars and a bus stuck in a gridlock on Moghbazar level crossing tossing the vehicles on to two other cars on the other side of the road.

Witnesses said the bus and the four cars were reduced to scrap but most of the passengers of the vehicles were able to get out before the accident.

Mohammad Sayeed, a passenger of the bus, told The Daily Star that the Gulistan-bound bus and two cars got trapped on the level crossing when a large number of vehicles stopped at the lights of Moghbazar intersection. Within a few minutes they saw a train coming from Kamalapur Railway Station.

He said, "Some other passengers and I called the passengers to vacate the bus. We rushed out and the people in the cars also abandoned their vehicles on the level crossing. The train rammed the three vehicles and hurled them on to two cars on the opposite side of the road."

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