10 miles Chain Collision

Snowstorm with zero visibility causes 100 car crash on I 94 North Dakota USA. Police took just 45min to redirect traffic and prevent new collision.

Metrodome Roof Collapses Under Snow

The heavy snows took their toll through the Midwest. The Vikings Metrodome in Minnesota collapsed due to the weight of the snow.
The roof, an inflatable structure, just could not hold the weight of the severe snowstorm.
A couple of small leaks are seen in a security video. Then, with a rumble, tons of snow are dumped on the field.

China - Apartment Building on Fire (photos)

On November 15th 2010, in Shanghai, China, a fire erupted, apparently within construction materials and scaffolding surrounding an occupied 30-story apartment building under renovation. The flames quickly spread to the building itself and soon engulfed the entire structure. Workers and residents scattered down scaffolding, or climbed to the roof, attempting to escape the smoke and flames. Unfortunately, 58 people were unable to escape, losing their lives, and 70 more were injured in the blaze, which was contained within four hours. A number of individuals are now in custody, including some unlicensed welders. The Shanghai government has also taken responsibility for the fire and lax safety oversight, and China has just ordered a nationwide overhaul of fire-control measures.

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Ship in a storm (photos from year 1977)

These photographs are dated 1977. They capture a ship caught in a horrible storm. They were taken by one of the ship crew members.

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Tornado Rips Apart Trailers At Corp of Engineers Construction Site

A security camera shows a tornado as it touches down and destroys two maintenance trailers at Chickamauga Lock in Chattanooga, Tenn., Oct. 26, 2010. It also damaged a government vehicle and the roof and electrical systems at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District Resident Office.

Lucky Bus Escape Video

CCTV has captured a bus, on which the brakes had failed, crashing though the streets of Perm, Russia, damaging 19 cars on the way. Four people were hurt, none seriously.

OMG moments (pics)

Amazing collection of some pretty nasty and dangerous situations.

The Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle [Infographic]

Did you know that per vehicle mile driven, motorcyclists are 37 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a traffic crash? While the number is alarming, it doesn’t mean all hope is last. If you take the proper safety precautions you can minimize your liability and still enjoy your ride.

Crazy Footage Inside a Cruise Ship During a Storm

The impact of massive waves that struck a cruise ship during a storm off New Zealand have been revealed by CCTV footage posted on the internet.
Pacific Sun Cruise liner, carrying 1732 passengers and 671 crew, was caught in a severe storm on July 30, 2008, encountering seven-metre swells and 50 knot winds.
Passengers who were aboard the journey were offered a 25 percent reduction in the cost of a future cruise.

Woman Falls on Knife and Survives

Mary was gardening on Tuesday, August 16, 2005 and tripped and accidentally got a 9 inch kitchen knife stuck in her eye, in Battle Ground, Washington. She had 108 x-rays over an 18 hour period and was then operated on. After returning home Mary had to relearn how to spell and drive. Picture taken by neighbor.

X-rays from Legacy Emanuel Hospital taken of Mary Townsen on Tuesday, August 16, 2005.

On Tuesday, March 4, 2008 Mary Townsen, 72, poses at her home with a kitchen knife from the same set as her accident, this knife is one inch longer, in Battle Ground, WA.

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