Titanic Jewelry

Rings, necklaces and bracelets not only characterize persons own style but it also give a perceptive of how people lived and what they appreciated at a given instance in history. Tragic story about Titanic has always been most talked about, so has been the story about the jewelry find on the shipwreck left in deep blue ocean. As everybody knows Titanic was the British extravagance traveler ship that has been struck an iceberg and sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912 on its first journey. A total of 1502 passengers and members of the ship squad were sunk with the ship. Some of the passengers were wealthiest people of that time.

The “Jewels of the Titanic” is an anthology set of 15 bits of excellent jewelry that provide a glance of how the wealthiest passengers traveled, and what was the trend in jewelry back in the days. Gold jewelry items on exhibit contain a hand-made platinum, 18k gold and diamond filigree ring; a gold ribbon brooch with diamonds; and a man’s green enamel and gold cufflinks and studs.

Sapphire Diamond Ring
This amazing, beautiful and unique ring is consisting of 18k yellow gold and platinum with a natural blue sapphire and numerous small diamonds in pear-shaped petals. Even though this ring is somewhat small in size, it was dinner ring that may have graced the slim fingers of a newlywed wife.

Filigree Ring with Diamonds
This hand-made platinum, 18k gold and diamond ring most likely belonged to the one of Titanic first-class passenger. Decorated with unique style that gives a three-dimensional depth to the ring as it highlights the Edwardian jewelry with flawless imitation of lace.

Green Enamel and Gold Cufflinks and Studs
This is a set that include a gold cufflinks and green enamel. Each of the set was in a special color that was supposed to represent a precious or semi-precious stone in enamel: purple for amethyst, blue for sapphire, and green for emeralds, which truly sounds amazing. The sets originate in a small jewelry box within an expensive leather suitcase.

Ribbon and Diamond brooch
This 14k brooch is the most popular part of the jewelry find on Titanic. The set includes one old mine cut diamond in the middle and one old mine cut plunge diamond. This piece of jewelry was very popular back in Edwardian England because women needed a selection of jewelry to suit every occasion. The ribbon brooch has been in style since the 1700s, and became a perfect gift for members of the British Royal family including Princess Alexandra and Queen Mary. As some may call it a bow-knot, this brooch is usually a sole or twice bow knot characteristically set with gemstones and frequently having a balanced ornament pearl. The heart profile of the bow loops point toward the fact that is has probably been a gift of endearment.

Ring with Three Diamonds
This platinum ring is with a large pear-shaped diamond in the middle and the two smaller round diamonds set on each side. This ring was found inside an incredibly beautiful hand-made leather bag, which was probably from one of the women in first class. The style cut of the three diamonds are old European and they are set in platinum. It should be mentioned that this set is hand crafted with impeccable and unique craftsmanship.