Use Anavar Solo Cycle Or Choose Stack?

Anavar is a popular tool that has a low activity of androgens. Oxandrolone has been created as a drug in medicine. The activity of anabolics in the steroid is 400% of testosterone, active androgens are – 25%, the process of aromatization often does not appear, weakly affects the liver, is available in tablets, acts in a period of 12 hours, is detected up to 6 weeks.
The drug eliminates the appearance of side effects, which means that it is absolutely safe. Therefore, Anavar is used by women.

Effects of Anavar

If you decide to use Anavar stack, you will get the following results:
  • Increases muscle density. Basically, in order to get these effects, Oxandrolone is used. Bodybuilders in the cutting cycle, Anavar is used because it blocks the accumulation of excess fluid in the muscles.
  • Increases speed and strength. The steroid is mainly used in Boxing, athletics, skiing and other sports.
  • Increases the level of growth hormone.
  • Fats are burned.