Use Anavar Solo Cycle Or Choose Stack?

Anavar is a popular tool that has a low activity of androgens. Oxandrolone has been created as a drug in medicine. The activity of anabolics in the steroid is 400% of testosterone, active androgens are – 25%, the process of aromatization often does not appear, weakly affects the liver, is available in tablets, acts in a period of 12 hours, is detected up to 6 weeks.
The drug eliminates the appearance of side effects, which means that it is absolutely safe. Therefore, Anavar is used by women.

Effects of Anavar

If you decide to use Anavar stack, you will get the following results:
  • Increases muscle density. Basically, in order to get these effects, Oxandrolone is used. Bodybuilders in the cutting cycle, Anavar is used because it blocks the accumulation of excess fluid in the muscles.
  • Increases speed and strength. The steroid is mainly used in Boxing, athletics, skiing and other sports.
  • Increases the level of growth hormone.
  • Fats are burned.

Ways To Use Anavar: Solo Cycle & Stack

Solo Anavar cycle was used to ensure that the athlete's body was a relief. If an athlete wants to gain weight, the use of this drug is not considered appropriate, as it helps to remove water from the body, which blocks the accumulation of fat. The best effect of the drug is noticeable in athletes with a low content of fat and muscle.
Oxandrolone cycle begin to use usually within 1,5-2 months. Daily dose of the drug is used from 20 to 80 mg. Each athlete selects the dosage of the drug personally, based on the personal characteristics of the body. What dosage is decided on the basis of several factors: what steroids the athlete used to solo cycle, the desired effect of the application, the characteristics of the athlete's body, and the training.
It is necessary to monitor the state of the body on the cycle. Anavar has positive reviews from athletes of various sports. It is recommended to start the cycle with a small dose of 20 milligrams in a period of the cycle to do a higher dose of the drug. To maintain the level of hormones in the body at the optimal level, it is necessary to divide the dosage into several parts, so as not to disturb the side effects.

The Combination of Stack with Anavar

It is recommended to use steroids with high activity in stack with Anavar. For example, you can use Primobolan, Sustanon or preparations based on Testosterone. With Oxandrolone, other means should be used in a dosage of not more than 40 mg. it is not recommended to combine other drugs with Anavar for women.

Post Cycle Therapy

Post Cycle Therapy is best started two days after the completion of the Anavar stack. On PCT, Tamoxifen Citrate is used for 10 mg daily, and testosterone levels are normalized in the period of 14 days.

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