The 10 Most Terrible Amusement Park Accidents

A day at places like Disneyland and Six Flags is usually a mix of endless painful waiting and a few short minutes of pleasure; kind of like sex. Occasionally though, there is the all out disaster of a time where the machinery goes crazy and someone loses a limb or dies; also not unlike sex. Here's a list of the most horrible amusement park accidents that have ever happened while onlookers take out camera phones instead of helping.

1. Kentucky Engineering

A young girl goes to Six Flags Kentucky and takes a ride on the Superman drop.
00:50 for the news report and the girl describing exactly what she saw and what happened as the accident happened, which is much more disturbing than any live video footage could be.
Here's what happened:
Before the ride takes them to the top, she and her friends heard a cable snap, they looked up and saw the cables coming from all parts of the ride, whipping around and injuring their faces.
This was only 20ft off the ground.
As the ride started to take them higher, they started seeing black smoke and smelling burned rubber.
The girls all yelled "stop the ride!" repeatedly, cables all over them, even around their necks.
When the girls landed on the ground, one of them smelled burning flesh. It was her severed feet.
One of the girls ended up losing both feet and half a leg to this accident.

2. Retro Coaster Crash

Let’s go back in time to a simpler era where music was analog, clothes were shitty, and an indoor Canadian roller coaster went flying off the tracks and killed three people. Three people died in this accident where the exact thing everyone is scared will happen on roller coasters happened: the final car flew of its hinges and was dragged, careening all over the tracks before anyone (finally) pulled the emergency brake.
Skip to 1:49 to see the injuries of the one guy in the car who survived, only to be crippled by memories.
Skip earlier, to 1:46 to see the park guy describing the safety of the roller coaster and looking a lot like the father in Happiness.
This also serves as a kind reminder never to get a tombstone with a picture of yourself on it, as your "style" may not live as long as your memory.

3. In Russia Ferris Wheel Rides You

Not only does this kid jump a 6ft fence to an abandoned ferris wheel, he also managed to easily turn it on and get a ride. Halfway through his hijacking he decided he didn’t like the chair he picked, so he switched, very unsuccessfully.
As he dangled 45ft (for all you rubes out there, you're welcome for that non-metric conversion, as they describe it in "meters" in the video) above the pavement, a crowd gathered. A crowd of people that could have helped, but instead got out their camera phones.
Turn to 0:44 for footage of the dangling child and a description of the people who were, thankfully, there, and ended up picking up a video phone when they could have easily been helping the poor boy NOT plummet to his death.

4. Batman Kills

A tragic accident occurred in a Georgia Six Flags when a boy jumped two fences clearly marked "Do Not Enter" to retrieve a hat he lost on the ride, but ended up losing his entire head in the process.
The bottom part of the ride decapitated him while he was standing up. No news on whether or not he actually found his hat.

5. Death at Disney

September 5th, 2003. The happiest place on Earth turned into a horrible nightmare for a 22 year-old male named Marcello Torres. About 1/3rd of the way through the ride, it made a sharp right turn, and part of the train came off the hinges.
This forced part of the locomotive-shaped ride to wedge into the tracks, stopping the train completely, and darting like a giant spear through Marcello Torres' chest and head.
Skip to 1:00 for a visual description of how the accident went down, including pictures courtesy of the State of California.
Please excuse the voice overs from the ride. They get pretty loud, and like on the actual ride, are pretty annoying.

6. Swing o Death

At a Chinese theme park, a high-flying swing ride came off its hinges, seriously injuring many people who were riding it.
Maury had a correspondent on giving us the play-by-play, although she does seem oddly self-righteous, and slightly aroused, about the whole thing, she shows us the right clip repeatedly. This woman freaks us out.
Additionally, thanks Maury, for using clips like this to gain rubberneck viewership for years.
Bonus: how the hell was this video in an episode about "sex secrets"?

7. Fallis Wheel

There’s no description as to how this rider managed to get out of his seat, but he did, and then resists help from attendants and park goers alike. The man is so frozen in fear that he can't move enough to reach his hand out for the crew who is trying to help him.
Skip to 0:30 for the fall, and 0:55 to see how many workers it took to get the idiot down from the lower scaffolding after her clung to it for dear stupid life.
The best part about videos like this is moments like 00:38 when the voice over artists is trying his hardest to seem concerned and impartial, but then says things like "watch again" before showing you the accident for the 6th time.

8. Cable Snap

There may not be any audio in this clip, but here’s the play by play. As the ride gets going, the cable that pulls the ride snaps, and the whole line of cars slams back at the starting position, causing whiplash and, ostensibly, a lot of people who will never visit an amusement park ever again.
Two riders were injured in this accident.
The reason this is one of the most horrible things that can happen to you, is that, once again, it happens at the very beginning of a ride.
The fact that you're on a roller coast of any kind defies death just a little bit, but when that shred of safety and confidence you feel is stripped away from you, the next few moments capture a point in someone's memory when they adequately, terrifyingly and appropriately fear for their lives.

9. Saved by Fat

This is the intermission from all of the death and maiming, while still staying on topic. This is one of the few rare times where being fat was actually an asset to someone's life, as a thinner person would have dropped right through the wonky harness on this ride.
On the other hand, it could have been his massive bulk and "people from the movie Wall-E"-shaped physique that didn't allow the harness to work correctly on him.
As you decide, watch this kid scream like an adorable little kid-piggy, and laugh at his expense (because he was FINE), like his mother did.

10. Carnival Fail

Everyone knows that carnivals are pretty much synonymous with failure; both mechanically and professionally.
Everyone also knows that the rides are only half safe to begin with, so an accident is inevitable.
Here is one of the more frightening accidents that happens as a ride that threatens to do something it's not supposed to goes ahead and does it.
The worst part is that the lights come off and the people on the ride are stuck in their chairs, at various points of disarray. We will not make a single orgy joke here.



  1. I think the fat kid is probably the scariest one. Every single shred of literature on that laughs at him and the situation. He is fucking terrified and could have slipped out and died. even his mother was laughing as he was screaming for his life. If he fell out no one would have laughed. I like funny shit, but this was fucking wrong. It's not funny.

    1. Not funny? Really? I think the fat kid is hilarious! You know, It's funny because he's fat.

    2. Agree, what a dumb bitch!

    3. He wouldn't have died. I've been on that ride and your in a cage.
      It's a cage shaped as ball that shots into the air by bungee cords.
      If he fell out he would have been fine

    4. plus, theres no way his tits and second chin were getting past that safety harness lolz

    5. true, and yes it is funny

    6. I don't think there was anything funny about this video. As a mother, my heart was breaking for this child. You can hear it in his voice he is terrified, and I don't know what kind of people think that is funny.

    7. This video proves that Australians have a warped sense of humor is this clip was on their funniest video show and this mom is one sick sad lady. If I looked over and saw my son literally hanging by his chin I'd have cried and been just as hysterical.

    8. Also I should add that I was joking about Australians having no sense of humor. (Well... mostly joking.)

    9. i have to say i think people are dub for thinking thats funny but what do i know im only a 12 year-old Texan girl

    10. I see nothing funny about it. When I almost died, along with 4 other people, because the guy was lazy and didn't do his job right and lock us in.

    11. Some if the people mentioning his weight are idiots. If he slipped through he still could have died being tossed around in the "sphere". As if a ball could protect you from not dying. It could have been very likely that the child Die.

  2. You know, it's very rare that I view self-righteous twaddle by people who are too cowardly to sign their own name as anything less than a waste of time and their existence a waste of resources and oxygen.

    However, this time I make an exception. The above anonymous poster, regarding the (har har snork) fat kid who could have fallen out and died (like real death, not like playstation death where you hit the reset button and your top-heavy hero goes about her way).

    Anonymous: you are right on. Well spoken, well said. There are people who shouldn't be mothers, and that cunt flavored trophy wife is most assuredly one of them.

    1. Says the guy who goes by Dr. Dot.

    2. I was scared for the child. The pressure on the lower harness could of snapped.

    3. I was scared for the child. That lower harness could of snapped. Also he's scared...nothing to laugh at.

    4. But the kid was fine. The ride was in a circular cage. The danger that can happen is that you're afraid of spheres.

    5. Dr. Dot's just nastySeptember 13, 2013 at 8:51 PM

      trophy wife??? really?>?? wow...As a doctor I would think you would know how to "diagnose" a trophy wife when you see one....yikes

      I would not want that trophy at all.

  3. The one about the fat kid was not funny. The ride should have a weight limit. I can't believe she was laughing if that was me, i would have seriously died and fell. Would she be laughing then? Cause if i slipped out of that thing i would have taken her with me. So there.

  4. That "Lady" as no right to be a mother. What the hell. I do scry rides with my kids, but am constantly glancing t check they are ok. AWFUL.

    1. Good thing the lady was not his mother. What a responsible parent you are..what are you going to do if you do check on your kids and they aren't alright..nothing.AWFUL

    2. What makes you think she was not his mother? I know more than a few children who call their mother by their first name, especially if the were adopted at an older age

  5. Not that it makes much difference, but i don't think that was his Mum. If you listen right at the end he calls her 'Janice' several times

  6. These incidents don't include idiots with long hair nearly having their heads ripped off by engines at go-kart tracks. There are numerous cases of morons not tying up their hair or loose clothing and having it caught in rotating parts of the engine.

    One moron in Australia had part of her scalp ripped away from her skull:

    Even if wearing a helmet, why would someone not put their hair in a net with an open engine nearby? It's like wearing bell bottoms on a chain-driven motorcycle, utter stupidity.

    In early 2010, an idiot was wearing a scarf on a go-kart, strangled to death after it got caught in the engine:

    I can't feel any pity of empathy for a person who doesn't take two seconds to put safety first.

    I won't ride go-karts at tracks that don't make it mandatory to wear a helmet, suit and closed toed shoes. It's dangerous enough on a track to have others there who don't know how to drive fast (morons think "going fast" means knowing where the accelerator is instead of knowing the racing line), let alone idiots who don't take basic precautions.


    1. "I can't feel any pity of empathy for a person who doesn't take two seconds to put safety first."

      I can see their decision as stupid and still feel pity or empathy. I know I've made dumb choices before. Haven't you?

  7. The fat kid wasn't close to falling out. Didn't anyone notice the waist strap around his very ample belly. It's funny because the kid brought the problem on himself and sat there panicking when he obviously wasn't in the danger he thought, aside form the self inflicted danger of diabetes and heart related illness. Then rather sitting back up like most people would be able to do, he sits there freaking out for someone else to save him from this predicament as he has long since forfeited the ability to help himself.

    Ya the ride should have a weight or rather size limit as the kid wouldn't be over the weight limit yet, but face it, every fat person would be appalled that they are being discriminated against when rejected from the ride. Just like they are at the movie theater, it's always everyone else's fault that they're too fat and can't face reality.

    Austin without a google acount

    1. Even aside from your rampant fatphobia, it's really disgusting of you to place the responsibility of a child's weight on the child himself. He can't be more than 10, 11 years, if anyone is to blame it's his parents.

  8. @ Austin: Yes, he definitely was. His weight was what compromised the ride in the first place, nothing more. A skinny person would have been fine, just like Janice.

    The reason he almost fell out was that a large amount of his mass shifted below the waist strap. If the ride did not have a shoulder restraint he would have continued to slip out until he was either strangled or thrown from the ride.

    The ride operator was to blame for strapping him around the largest part of his waist. That's just stupid. That means that the restraint is at it's loosest possible setting. It should have been below his waist where his pant line is.

    This is not the only situation where a shifting center of gravity has caused a fat person to have problems on a ride. This has happened before on rides where the lap bar is below a person's waist and most of their weight is above the restraint. It is a serious problem and the reason why shoulder restraints are so often required.

    Moral of the story...don't go on shaddy free fall tension rides. You gonna die.

  9. The boy that almost slipped from the ride, I feel sorry for. His sl*t of a 'mother' has the nerver to sit and laugh, while he could have fallen to his death. The sheer terror in his voice makes me feel sick to the stomach. That woman should be thankful that nothing did happen to that boy.

    And the man that fell from the ferris wheel, somehow i feel it was his own fault. If your restraint comes loose on a ride, you do not climb from your seat. I would cling to the person next to me until i got to the bottom, then ask them to stop. After all, ferris wheels dont go very fast. Although i do feel sorry for him, he was silly for leaving his seat.

    And the cables snapping? That's just horrible. Imagine the terror seeing that coming toward you on a ride! :O

  10. It's horrible everyone calling this poor little boy fat - regardless of his weight problem. He's a child. No one has any empathy or decency anymore....particularly the author of this site.

  11. Whoever wrote this article is evil. The snide little comment about people who are dead is complete crap. How dare you? "No word on if he found his hat" for the boy who way decapitated? Have a heart. And for the tombstone, how dare you mock that?!

    1. Completely Agree!!!! Ignorance, that's what this is!

    2. I agree. It's really not funny.

    3. I dont like the titles the author used for each video. the most sickening one was the ferris wheel with the boy who climbe it. imagining dangling from that thing as it spun. makes me sick

  12. I didn't have an idea that these many accidents have occurred in the amusement park. Its the lack of inspection of the rides. A regular check should be done on all of these rides.

    1. Marie: Worked for many carnivalsOctober 26, 2012 at 9:51 PM

      All rides, at least at travelling carnivals get checked every morning and night. I'm not to sure if they do at actual Amusement parks, but I'm 99.99 percent sure they do. Most of the time it's not the operators fault, if it is, they were lacking in how to set rides up/check them correctly and shouldn't have been running the rides in the first part.

  13. That woman laughing at the child who was screaming for his life just pissed me right off.

    I once went on a ride at a local fair with my daughter, who was then about 8 years old, average size, and met the height requirement. It was a wheel of covered carriages, which held people in pairs, and flipped upside-down. As our carriage was coming over the top, the ride stopped (as it normally does for a few seconds, just for the thrill), but didn't move on. We were stuck, upside-down, in a lap bar-type restraint that was NOT designed to hold people against gravity for a long time. After a minute or two, my daughter started to slide out of the lap bar, and started crying and getting really scared, as did I! I put my arm across her shoulders and held on for dear life, and braced my other arm against the top of the carriage for extra support. I was almost on the point of screaming for help, as I wasn't strong enough to hold her in place indefinitely, when the ride finally started to move again. I never did find out what caused the delay, but we were definitely done riding rides for the night.

  14. I think you are a complete moron to make jokes about people dyeing on these rides.
    What kind of a no brain loser thinks this knd of stuff is funny.

  15. The author of this site has no morals or pride what so ever.
    The nasty hurtful comments posted after each vidio were tasteless and hurtful.
    How would you feel if it was your brother or child that was killed..
    The Internet has desensitized people to the point of no return.
    These are REAL people who suffered a great tragedy and REAL families who lost children.
    This is NOT a video game or a music video.
    Your nasty tasteless comments have done nothing but hurt the poor families of the victims all over again.
    I pray to god that you never have to go though such loss and pain.
    The author should be ashamed of himself.
    Posting such comments shows your clear lack of intelligence and lack of empathy.
    There is have a word for people like is psychopath

  16. The tombstone comment was tacky and hurtful.
    I pray that the family never comes across this tacky awful article.
    Whoever wrote this article needs to have his head examined.
    You are one sick sick freak.

  17. Oh great! Another reason not to go on amusement park rides. I am getting too old for this.

  18. When a merry go round crashed in India, and 3 people lost their lives in it..

    Tragedy struck at the ongoing 15th Surajkund crafts mela this afternoon. Three persons, including a woman and a minor girl, were killed and 14-others were injured when a merry-go-round crashed all of sudden.
    According to information the incident occurred, when the merry-go-round installed and run by the contractor was in operation and going up and down in full speed.

  19. How can anyone find a kid falling from a ride funny?! i wish his ass of a mother actualy asked if he was ok!!! this is just sad...

  20. Thoses jokes put in the description were really innapropriate. People were killed and seriously injured.

  21. On the "fat kid" video, can people not see the fact that the harness goes between his legs? Him simply slipping through, is highly unlikely. The only way he'd have fallen is if he slipped down that much that he either:
    1. Cut himself in half.
    2. The restraints broke from the weight of him slamming down.
    People should calm down.... it's still one of the funniest clips I've ever seen. Though I think the fact people are bitching about Janice, when the kid is clearly fine with it (else they aren't allowed to show it on a television programme), is possibly funnier than the clip itself.

  22. This shit is so funny I can't believe you losers don't see the funny side even the victims would have a good laugh at these videos and that fat kid is so stupid he was never in trouble. That's the funniest one of the lot.
    Get a sence of humor people.

  23. There are certainly accidents in this list that are tragedies. However, the kid that broke into the abandoned amusement park and the one that snuck over two fences marked do not enter to retrieve his hat are just natural selection at work.
    As for the "fat kid", yes, the ride operator should have paid more attention to where the strap was placed, he really wasn't in any danger due to the 5 point harness, therefore the video is slightly amusing.

  24. What was the worst amusement ride accident you have recorded? I got here the amazing site of horrible amusement park accident.

  25. I doubt that that's his mom to begin with. Nextly, he was in no danger. Look at all the restraints around him.

    Also, I was really intrigued and kept doing research on numbers 1-5. After that it just got dumb. I had even seen some of them on funny shows.

  26. "The Slingshot"

    Has anyone considered that Janice, had that RUSH over come her, after your stomach has been flipped, and your head tossed every which way and all you can do is laugh. , if you really watched the video.. you would see she looks at him briefly while hysterically laughing. She I would assume had NO idea what was going on doesn't seem like it anyways, just figured he was scared but he was fine, she offered her hand briefly to calm the boy down but he was freaked right out which I made her laugh even more hearing him cry for help. I don't know how many videos I watch and see one person screaming/crying on a ride and the other laughs at their friends fear.

    besides the Boy and Janice found it funny afterwards as they submitted to to Funniest Home Video's, and the boy himself said he totally forgot about the strap between his legs. Oy if they had a wider angle from the camera..

  27. i feel so srry for tht 13 yr old who had the cables round her egs n tht they were yelling stop.

  28. that swing ride just literally fell off!! how scary...

  29. Look, rides in the US are generally safe IF you follow the rules (and don't ride traveling rides). My great-grandpa rode a thrill coaster in his 80s and he was never the same. Use common sense and don't assume bc you CAN ride that you should. Also realize the rules are in place for a reason.

  30. Dear God people..most of you are knobs. Makes my head hurt. So self righteous. First of all her name is Janice. I know her. She was not this boy's mother. He can be heard plainly speaking her name. Secondly, she had no clue of his predicament and he fully aware of it now. She thought he was scared. When she looked over briefly she did not notice anything. They have been interviewed time and time again. Get your facts straight and go be self righteous pricks elsewhere.

  31. That kid & Lady really pissed me off.
    Yeah i realize that she's not his mother & I am aware she thought he was okay but seriously? If someone was screaming for help or to stop the ride even if they were scared I would pay attention & look several times not just once. Even at the end of the ride I always look next to my partner to see if their okay or having fun. I was once in a ride that was apirate ship type and the restraints or I guess "seatbelts" were a shoulder holder type thing shaped like a U & a bar that went across your legs. Now the ride goes slowly upside down about 20 times & I first went on it with my cousin & dad & my cousins latched bar fell off! & she started to slip slowly I was very very little at the time & I am/was very weak so I could not help her but even a nice man sitting next to her noticed her panicking & instead of holding on he pulled her bar & held it down for the entire ride. She was not screaming & this guy still noticed her & that lady? She didn't. & all you terrible people saying how he was too fat to slip if the ride was longer the kid could've slipt more & more. Sure he's in a caged ball but if he slipped he would've gone on the ball & he would've been shaken up kind of like ice in a bottle shaken.

  32. Can you imagine seeing someone going to fetch their hat and watching the roller coaster take his head off, how awful.

  33. I think the scariest one story was about the girls on the Superman ride. How awful that would be, to KNOW that something was wrong and to be yelling for the ride to stop...but have no one listen. And then to have YOUR FEET CUT OFF. Ugh. Just horrible.

    And I'm sorry--not to be rude--but the boy being decapitated by trying to get his hat? I don't feel much sympathy. Sure, it's sad that he died and I feel bad for his family--but when there's a sign that says "Keep Out," then it's there for a REASON, so KEEP OUT! To jump 2 fences that are clearly labeled "Keep Out" is sort of like asking for death at an amusement park. They clearly fence off areas that could somehow injure you, were you to stand in that area. So...yeah, to go there? REALLY stupid move.

  34. What kind of sick people stand by and watch a six year old child fall to his death and then put it on YouTube? Humanity is worthless

  35. The accidents caused by negligence on the part of the staff, I will feel sympathy for the victims and their families. However, I feel little to no sympathy for victims of their own stupidity, such as the boy being decapitated, he broke rules and suffered the consequences of his own foolish actions.

  36. i cant believe that that mother laughed at his nearly dead son,she sould be the one dead. and the stupid man trying to get the hat.

    i hate that mother

  37. i gonna tell some storys 2002 a man was cut across the chest and was killed because some workers forget to put a second bar on him (the ride required two bars to hold people in) the workers never said sorry to the family.
    2.a normal 1995 day in England. a kid named bob lander was killed after falling out of his cart on the tom and jerry rollarcoaster. the cart was going around a tight bend then BOOM
    he fell out.

    so yer I saved my girlfriend from death.
    anyone who makes fun of the familys whos kids,husbands,wife and any other member of their family who is lost because of theme parks are dumb mother fuckers and sould die them selfs

  38. People die all the time and death is inevitable, it's only a matter of how and when you die. Darwinism in action for a few of those accidents.

  39. I often laugh at horrific things, but I was terrified for that boy. his mom should have taken the plunge.
    maternal instinct alone wouldn't let you laugh. you'd be using all your strength to hold onto your baby's arms

    -Ashleigh F.

  40. Whoever did this article did not research very well as the WORST amusement park accident in history happened in my home state of New Jersey at Six Flags Great Adventure in the early 1980's. The walk-through Haunted House attraction caught fire sending 8 patrons inside to a creepy firey death!!

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  42. all joke this, amused myself for about an hour reading each singular comment.
    Each one is horrific

  43. Went on #9 its in west Edmonton mall alberta

  44. I can't believe the heartless comments on here! But again, I am not surprised. My condolences go out to every friend or family member who has lost someone from going for a day of fun to an amusement park and/or carnival, then it turning into a terrible tragedy. Yes, your taking your own risk by going on these rides, but I don't think these rides get tested and checked as much as they should. I don't however, have no sympathy for the thrill seekers who stand up out of they're seats on rides, or try to jump to another seat. You are just asking for it. But the rides that come off the tracks, or cables snaps, that's not the riders fault! Like I said before, inspections ain't constant like they should be. Nobody should be scared to go to an amusement park, or a water park, for a day a fun with they're family or friends from frightening stories like these. And the little 13 year old girl who got her feet cut off at Kentucky kingdom on the superman ride (which I have been to several times) is just awful!!! Bless her heart. You ride at your own risk, but like I've been saying, I think inspections should be more constant, and if your going to ride, follow the rules, and don't stand up out of your seat!!!

  45. No respect for the people who untimely passed! You internet trolls need to reassess yourself. Death isn't funny, nor are horrific accidents.

  46. my heart was really pounding for the child, i was hoping the mother would quickly look over at her child and at least try to help him or render some kind of emotional comfort, but after she finally looked over at him and had seen his situation AND continued laughing while the child is begging mommy help me. this hurts. i just wanted to get face to face with that woman. she is a poor excuse for a mother if thats what you want to call her.

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  48. This was hilarious to watch. He just starts panicking for no reason, such a cry baby. His face is priceless

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